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All peoples are one. We are all walking the path of life. Each step affords us the chance to reach out, and touch someone's heart with a kind word or gesture. We walk this Earth but for the blink of an eye. The love and the pearls of Wisdom given and received, to help others, A helping hand offered to those in despair. A kindly deed given from the heart, these are the things we take with us when we leave this Earth. The Material things are left behind.


Genuine caring souls who give of themselves unconditionally from the heart. Humour. the ability to see life in all it's aspects, as a path to be walked, with lessons to be learnt. Wisdom and Knowledge to be shared, and taught to those who are searching for an answer, to life, in all its perplexities. Lighthearted, able to laugh at themselves, and able to enjoy all that life has to offer. From the Beauty of Earth. to the happiness within. There is a drop down GO link on the left side of this page, at the bottom where you can visit my other pages. also links on the right side with my FAV Links to other sites that are awe inspiring. Also any new pages I do, will be in (BIG LETTERS) at bottom of FAV LINKS..... hope you like them.. I would be honored if you would sign my Guest-Book On this Page, Thank you..........

As a Man Thinketh in his Heart. So He Is.....


Laughter.Nature. Humour. Reading. Caring People. A beautiful, Peaceful home, Different Cultures and Religions. Good Freinds. Romantic Dinners with your loved one. Humble, Quiet Achievers. Enjoying all the blessings that life has to offer.


Dis-respectors of Nature ,and The Animal Kingdom. People that willfully hurt others. Just about anything that is Yukky. Rude, Crude, or Smutty. but most of all Discrimination.


I live in Australia. I am interested in Theology. Metaphysics. Healing, Alternative medicine, I am Reiki, level 111 (3) and now, Master Reiki Healer, Attuned by Reiki Master. Jeanne Porter Ashley I am interested in all Healing subjects, Absent healing, (email Spiritual Counceling).

Any help I give, is first given to me from above (to give to you). It is the Divine Will working through me, I Embrace all subjects that help people in need. Furthering my Knowledge. Reading, Herbs, Earth stones. Crystals. Awakening souls to the Divine given power within. Seeing things Given back to peoples which rightfully belongs to them. Seeing happy contented peoples and children in a (fair to all) World.


May Angels surround you with Light Love, Healing, Happiness and Joy.



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